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Adam Ross’s “Gravity Review by Adam” Is a Message Through Multimedia

In response to Adam Ross’s video review of Gravity on The Aristocrat

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This multimedia review by Adam Ross entitled “Gravity Review by Adam” is a quick and effective overview of the film as a whole. by Adam is unique in that the readers don’t simply sit and read the opinions of the reviewer. Instead, Ross sits behind a camera himself and explains his thoughts and critiques on the film with his own words.

This bold move is appreciated and rewards the audience with a more authentic reviewing experience. The viewer feels as if they are watching the review take place in real time, almost as if Ross is there himself to tell each individual viewer about the movie personally.

Intermittently while Ross is speaking, exclusive clips from the film play as his voice-over carries throughout the image. This also gives a feeling of being an insider, or seeing something that others are not necessarily included in. This sense of making the viewers “special” is a unique gift that Ross has captured in this form of a review.

Ross does not go into depth about anything throughout his review. In by Adam the information given is laced with surface level information. The viewers will get little information about the director, the actors, the overall plot but nothing extensively revealing. This makes for a low score on the spoiler report but low information about anything else.

A great, broad, overview of the film packed into a three minute review.    

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