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Diane Saenger’s “Gravity” Is as Unsatisfying as It Is Ugly

In response to Diana Saenger’s 465‑word review of Gravity on

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The layout for Diane Saenger’s “Gravity” is one that should have been left behind in the 1990s: a garish color scheme, a bevy of small, unsightly graphics, and text that is unceremoniously squeezed into the middle of it all so it looks like the least important thing on the screen. Perhaps that last aspect was done in the hopes that readers wouldn’t notice how poorly written it is.

It is not until about six paragraphs in that Saenger’s Gravity starts resembling anything close to a movie review. Until then it is an atonal, uninteresting plot recap that seems like it was written by a high schooler for her school newspaper rather than a professional for a website that costs money to run.

The amateurishness is on display in mistakes that could have easily been caught by an editor, such as misspelling “Paris” (which is not a difficult word to spell.) There is also continued use of the first-person throughout the review, which lends it some of that high school homework assignment feel.

Readers who make it through the entirety of Saenger’s Gravity are more likely to come away frustrated and disappointed than enlightened and illuminated. It is purely amateur-grade film criticism, to be avoided by all but the least discerning.    

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