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Rob Carnevale Offers Energy in “Hobbit Desolation” but Not Full Meal

In response to Rob Carnevale’s 268‑word review of The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug on The List

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So the film is “bloated” you say? Rob Carnevale is far from profound in his latest tiny review “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.” The two-hundred-fifty word piece is like a 5-hour energy drink to keep you going until you desire actual food that will fill you up.

The header image of Hobbit Desolation is both awesome and telling. Carnevale has achieved the trifecta of LOTR facial expressions featuring confusion, creepiness and confidence. Poor Bilbo expresses the look that will undoubtedly come across the faces of readers upon finishing the review.

Fortunately, Hobbit Desolation is not 100% summary-review. Carnevale takes down the plump running time with ferocious wording that will make Carnie enthusiasts scream “Oh, dang, RC!” Despite a decent paragraph on the work of director Peter Jackson, the review is just too small to cause any damage against the mighty LOTR franchise. The critic shoots a tiny arrow and Smaug says “Oh, hell no, guy. You need more than that.”

Carnevale could have done some serious damage in Hobbit Desolation with a few thoughts on the characters rather than simply acknowledging that they exist. The main character of Bilbo is “nicely played” by Martin Freeman, which is just a weak statement. So, he is the opposite of bad? Expand.

Hobbit Desolation doesn’t offer the reader enough to make its mark in the review game.    

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