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Luke Y. Thompson Is Entertainer First in “Dumb Fun”

In response to Luke Y. Thompson’s 784‑word review of Escape Plan on Topless Robot

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Luke Y. Thompson offers a vast amount of visuals and entertainment in “Fanboy Flick Pick: It’s Years Late, but the Schwarzenegger/Stallone Team-Up is Dumb Fun Worth The Wait.”

Dumb Fun opens with a laugher of a paragraph that displays the unique style of the critic. Thompson proves that he won’t be providing the typical carbon-copy lame opening statement, but rather attempts to make the experience interesting for the reader. The critic succeeds and delivers a memorable piece of work.

One will certainly notice a wide array of images and YouTube videos to enjoy in Dumb Fun. The placement may seem awkward for some, as it could potentially distract from the content, however the visuals go hand-in-hand with the text in the first part of the review. Readers may not be impressed with the substance of the analysis, but will certainly be entertained. The double-spacing after the first paragraph should be fixed immediately though.

Dumb Fun is a bit of mystery as Thompson plays the song-and-dance man in the first half, and suddenly offers a long take on morality in the second half. One will be satisfied by the concluding thoughts of the critic, but perhaps wonder why there couldn’t be one more section that offers a complete analysis. The opening is funny, and the sudden shift to morality is jarring. Overall, it works, however the review could benefit from an additional section.

Dumb Fun pleases and poses thought-provoking questions to the reader, so despite its shortcomings, it’s quite good.    

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