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Jocelyn Noveck’s “Breathes Fire” Moves Things Along in a Jaunty Way

In response to Jocelyn Noveck’s 637‑word review of The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug on Associated Press

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Jocelyn Noveck keeps things moving in her delightful and sprightly “Review: New ‘Hobbit’ Breathes Fire into Trilogy.” The audience is sure to have a good time.

It’s no small thing to “keep things moving” in a review. Nothing may be worse than trudging through the ponderous observations of an overly pretentious critic. But Noveck has no time for this kind of baloney. She clearly understands that a good review has to entertain as well. She succeeds here wonderfully.

You can almost feel her breath of relief on your face as she declares what a better film this is than the first one in the trilogy was. She likes this film and she wants you to know it. Such crystal clear writing is much appreciated.

She makes some good points, and even pokes fun at the director (who is also a co-writer) for expanding what was a 300-page tome into a trilogy that, when all is said and done, translates to about two minutes of film time per page. As she jauntily points out, “Imagine if they did that with Tolstoy’s ‘War and Peace. ‘The movie would have been 40 hours long.” But she’s also quick to add that with all the money the first film made, who can argue?

Such endearing wit is prevalent throughout Breathes Fire.” For more of the same, and a rollicking good time, read this entertaining review.    

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