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Michael A. Smith’s “Film Review Thor” Clatters Like a Kiddie Coaster

In response to Michael A. Smith’s 364‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on MediaMikes

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Michael A. Smith fumbles a bit in “Film Review ‘Thor: The Dark World,’” a presumptive and linguistically stilted review that doesn’t offer much support for any of its premises and is limited in its entertainment value.

A huge part of Film Review: Thor‘s problem is that it’s uncompromisingly straightforward—it lacks any flair whatsoever, no spark behind its seeing eyes. Declarative statements (“this is good,” “this is bad”) aren’t just unsupported; there’s no intent or at least no attempt to offer support.

Smith’s work is readable, but just barely. Readers will wish that the author had taken the invariable advice of some teacher down the line and read aloud what he’s written. Commas seem to have fallen off the page. Sentences read as though they were spun by a content duplicator.

Most frustrating about the review, however, is its misunderstanding of its audience. Telling readers point-blank what they’re “paying… to see” is smug but also demonstratively not the case. Yet in a way it’s the logical conclusion of a work that takes the tack of this-is-this-isn’t with confounding abandon.

Ultimately Review: The Dark World clicks and clatters along like the kiddie coaster at the theme park; stilted, slowish, unsurprising…  and mercifully brief.    

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