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Bruce Bennett’s “ENDERS GAME” Is Mostly Lame

In response to Bruce Bennett’s 424‑word review of Ender’s Game on Spectrum (St. George, Utah)

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When a review starts off by missing an apostrophe in the title, HOLD ON! You’re in for a bumpy ride. At least, that’s certainly the case with Bruce Bennett’s “ENDERS GAME,” a movie review that starts off unpromisingly and then lives up to that lack of promise.

Not content to flub the title, Bennett also forgoes proper paragraph formatting. Rather than indent the paragraphs or leave spaces between them, he just sort of lets them all run together into a morass of text. It’s often difficult to tell where one paragraph ends and the next begins. The introductory paragraph is so long it seems possible Bennett initially intended to forgo paragraphs all together and just present one long block of uninspired criticism.

Put it all against a dull, gray backdrop and you’ve got yourself one of the ugliest film reviews you’re likely to see this year. Perhaps if the review had been particularly witty or insightful, it might make up for the other shortcomings. Alas, though, Bennett’s writing is not any more interesting than the gray backdrop against which it is presented.

Good writing often transcends a lackluster presentation, but with “ENDERS GAME,” the entire package is lackluster. This review is a real snoozefest.    

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