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Jordan Hoffman’s “The Furnace” Could Be Re-Mixed Featuring Structure

In response to Jordan Hoffman’s 702‑word review of Out of the Furnace on

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Jordan Hoffman’s latest piece, “Review: Out of the Furnace,” is a solid review but more along the lines of “Anatomy of a Scene.”

Hoffman opens The Furnace with pure fire as he offers a Howard Hawks quote to the readers, and transitions to detail why the film is the exception to the “three great scenes” rule. Unfortunately, the critic proceeds to summarize key scenes of the film without offering a proper plot summary. The breakdown feels awkward and out-of-place, and Hoffman’s statement of “It’s creepy and scary and it all looks really cool” is not exactly deep with analysis. The entire section (337 words) takes up over half the review.

The concluding paragraphs of The Furnace are solid, despite what appears to be an accidental omission of director/writer Scott Cooper (“Director/co-writer is content…”). Hoffman-heads will surely forgive the critic for the error, and take comfort in the statement that Willem Defoe “may be the most caring gangster in cinema.”

The Furnace often feels disconnected, and the critique is not incredibly deep, but Hoffman covers the basics with entertaining prose. One may desire a re-mix featuring better structure, however there is certainly plenty to enjoy in the work.

Jordan Hoffman has a small victory with The Furnace.    

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