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Hickman’s “Review: Kick Ass 2” Is a Genuine Critique From a Filmmaker’s Perspective

In response to Jonathan W. Hickman’s 722‑word review of Kick-Ass 2 on Daily Film Fix

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Hickman’s “Review: Kick Ass 2” calls into question several unanswered and outstanding oversights, while examining this sequel under a magnifying glass, and the result is nothing short of informative and satisfying.

The thing that makes this review come off as spectacularly as it does, aside from the dynamic writing and storytelling, is the sense that you feel like a real filmmaker is critiquing another one (which is the case here). It comes off less like an incendiary reaction, and more like a genuine set of issues that resulted in a messy film.

The work is deductive and procedural. Hickman starts with what made the first film work and creates a compelling argument for all the reason the sequel failed to recapture the manic essence of the first. The story, the characters, the casting, and even the cinematography are all brought up as evidence of the film’s failings.

Hickman’s performance is nothing short of spellbinding. His review has an enjoyably professional tone to it, and he comes off as confident, insightful, and most importantly, genuinely concerned with why the film did not succeed.

Johnathan doesn’t mince his words but he also doesn’t feel the need to beat-down a film that has already taken quite a pummeling: already ironic considering its title. The critique is constructive and still manages to land on the right side of entertaining. A wonderful success.    

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