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Robert Abele’s in Control in Compelling “Escape Plan” Work

In response to Robert Abele’s 266‑word review of Escape Plan on Los Angeles Times,0,4162591.story?track=rss

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While Robert Abele’s “Review: Stallone and Schwarzenegger have an ‘Escape Plan’” is to-the-point, it’s smart enough to choose words carefully, loading 260-odd words full of entertainment value.

Abele understands the importance of entertainment value across form, and doesn’t shun diversions of the penny-dreadful sort simply because it may fall short in terms of sheer artistry. Such is the context of Have an Escape Plan, which shows depth of thought without boring the reader.

Have an Escape Plan offers a tight recap, and turns its attention to polishing diamonds in the rough. There are gems here: the work delights in the “gleeful twinkle” in the eye of one of its characters, a redeeming vignette that will cause hopeful audiences to grin.

However, there are notes of caution. Abele’s piece is careful in encouraging audiences to temper their expectations without dropping the full monty.  

In tone and in execution, Have an Escape Plan is a total success. Each word is chosen with intent, and each sentence is an exercise in control. The work isn’t short on nimble descriptions: the “grey, thudding” “action slab” is, after all, the perfect backdrop for an “I‘m-thinking grimace.”

But perhaps there’s more here than just those expected, eighties-era choices.

Nothing’s said here that won’t pique the reader’s interest—a tight and compelling work from a critic at the top of his game.    

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