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Bruce Kirkland Describes in “On a Journey” but Fails to Analyze

In response to Bruce Kirkland’s 514‑word review of Gravity on Jam! Movies

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Bruce Kirkland’s writing style in “Gravity takes audiences on a journey out of this world,” may turn away readers with an emphasis on organization rather than content.

The appearance of On A Journey is delightful. A glorious header image greets the reader, and will help audiences relax before reading.

On A Journey employs an organizational style with short, crisp paragraphs that are easily accessible for the busy reader, however it soon becomes evident that Kirkland’s work lacks a detailed analysis of the film.

The opening statement of On A Journey is neither bad nor good—it just exists. One may possibly contemplate the meaning of life, but the more likely possibility is that one may contemplate the meaning of the review. Calm yourself, reader, because the journey is just beginning.  

Seibert dedicates a substantial amount of time to George Clooney—moreso than the majority of reviews available to the public. Unfortunately, there is little attention shown to the specifics of the performances, or even the techniques used by director Alfonso Cuaron. The critic does an excellent job of conveying the basics, but fails to dig deeper for the reader.

On A Journey will please many with its easy-to-read appearance, but ultimately it is all show and little content. One will be disappointed by the lack of heart.    

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