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Brent Simon’s “Gravity” Is Excellent Everywhere Except for Visuals

In response to Brent Simon’s 472‑word review of Gravity on Shared Darkness

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Brent Simon’s “Gravity” is a blast to read, and truly helps the reader visualize a film such as Gravity. There are some visual discrepancies, however this doesn’t  ruin the overall character of the write-up.

The  initial moments of Simon’s Gravity introduces us to the Sci-Fi cinema, and the over arching themes to be found throughout most films associated with the genre. Simon carefully lays the groundwork, and establishes the backdrop against which Gravity will be placed in the foreseeable near-future. The thoughtful prologue is merely the tip of this existential iceberg. The review explores the dense subject matter of the film, and unravels the narrative only to a certain extent leaving the rest of the story for the filmmakers to tell.

Its safe to say that that Simon’s Gravity centers on one main idea and  the narrative never wavers one bit. Though some of what is said might  seem far-fetched, Simon’s argument remains solid throughout  every square inch of his work.

The presentation of the site is similar to a lunch that consist of bread, water, and rice. It’s rather bland even by start-up blog standards. It seems stuck in a time loop circa 2005. With a white back drop and a single photo from the film, it’s probably safe to say that the design team had plenty of restful nights.

Aside from the bland production values, Simon’s Gravity is a flawless review.  It skillfully balances length, in-depth analysis, and sound critical judgement. Unless you need constant visual stimuli you can’t go wrong with this review.    

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