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Matt Brunson’s “Escape Plan: Last Action Heroes” Quakes With Intensity

In response to Matt Brunson’s 879‑word review of Escape Plan on Creative Loafing

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Matt Brunson starts his review “Escape Plan: Last action heroes” by quoting Kindergarten Cop. A bold move. Taglines were a staple of the action genre, and a punchline in the face for the audience. And that bold, smacking attitude dominates an otherwise mediocre review of a mediocre film.  

It’s almost as if everyone is compensating for something.

There is a tendency for some reviewers to give out film history as if it is a form of currency: the more films and anecdotes from the silver screen’s magic past, the richer the review.  But Brunson overloads his work like a muscleman injecting a few thousand needles of juice into his system.

Too much of a good thing.  

The review is mostly a history lesson on action films, and then some talk about Escape Plan, capped by a thesis on prison films. The usual shot at 50 Cent (no pun intended) for being the worst actor in the known universe since Carrot Top isn’t absent either.  

A bloated, loose, general and boring attempt to string together the various pieces that Brunson brings in makes for a weak read. Reviews that strive for being “damned with faint praise” often become cold, dead objects. The brightest spot? Pointing out where  Schwarzenegger is the better of the two actors.

The guy from Kindergarten Cop out-acted Rocky Rambo as his second banana.

You can’t make this stuff up.    

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