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Tom Clift’s “Dark World” Does Just Enough to Cover the Basics

In response to Tom Clift’s 647‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Moviedex

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Tom Clift gives a strong effort in “Thor: The Dark World (Review),” but only covers the basics without letting his fingers run free on the keyboard. There is little that sets the work apart from all the other serviceable reviews.

Speaking of “serviceable,” that lone word is all Clift comes up with to address the direction of Alan Taylor in Dark World. One is unable to feel the true nature of Asgard as the critic fails to express the techniques used by the director. One may feel lost in the review, and longingly imagine a work that takes a more thorough approach.

To the credit of Clift, a clear statement is made in the open of Dark World, but the entirety of the work only briefly touches on specific themes without expanding. The one sentence of critique given to Thor and Chris Hemsworth is just plain weak. Clift is unable to express anything interesting about the character aside from that he is “not the most interesting of characters.” Why? Hemsworth’s performance is “strong.” Why? The critic make small statements on big themes and walks away.

Although Clift addresses the dynamic of Thor and Loki in Dark World, not much is said about either characters.  There is a troubling lack of detail in the review. Clift never offers the reader much to contemplate, and Thor-heads may feel hurt. The commentary on the lead’s relationship with Jane shows promise, but ultimately ends up in a comparison to Star Wars.

Dark World is by no means a bad review, but one will be frustrated by Clift’s flimsy statements on the plot and characters.    

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