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Drew McWeeny’s “Review: The Brutal, Haunting ’Prisoners“Is Near Flawless

In response to Drew McWeeny’s 989‑word review of Prisoners on HitFix

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Drew McWeeny’s “Review: Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal both dig deep for the brutal, haunting ‘Prisoners’” is characterized by its pursuit of perfection and in-depth analysis.  

McWeeny’s write-up is something of a white whale in the world of film review. The intrigue for the film is built from the opening paragraph, and is present even in the very last line. The plot is spoken of once and never reappears again to the delight of the audience, as it limits the amount of spoilers that could truly be revealed.

McWeeny reviews the film, but doesn’t get lost in revealing plot details. He goes deeper with his analysis than most, and takes it far enough to where the audience won’t get bored. The reader actually comes away from the review with something to think about before seeing the film.

The writing isn’t particularly exciting, but it does possess that  air of professionalism that one can expect from a journalist. Entertaining? Somewhat. Enlightening? Most certainly.

It also doesn’t hurt that the site is aesthetically pleasing there are ads, but they do not clutter the place up, they accentuate the positives of the clean looking site.

The whole experience is nearly perfect, but it does have a tendency to drag at points, which probably has more to do with length as opposed to quality.  

McWeeny’s Review: The Brutal, Haunting ‘Prisoners’ is a self contained world of extravagant analysis coupled with a professional tone.  This is the definitive review to read prior to viewing the film Prisoners.    

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