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Jason Anderson Confuses Good Writing With Analysis in “Dark World”

In response to Jason Anderson’s 293‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on The Grid

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Exquisite writing. Glorious header image. Jason Anderson knows how to construct a solid framework for a review, but the content is dressed-up prose that barely touches the surface of the film.

What is the point of Anderson’s “Thor; The Dark World?” A writing exercise? How does this piece of work help the reader? These are not snarky questions, but one has to wonder what exactly can pass as a “review” these days.

The highlight of Dark World is the magnetic writing of Jason Anderson. The critic briefly address the visual style of the film but there’s not much more than that. The second paragraph is plot summary in which Anderson succeeds in naming the main characters, but fails to produce anything resembling critique or analysis. What’s left? A third and final paragraph of nothing.

Anderson concludes Dark World with vague statements that some readers may take as a virtual slap in the face. The final three sentences consist of phrasing such as “There’s other confusing business” and one will surely chuckle when the critic describes what “the important thing” is about the film. The entire work is a waste of time, and an opportunity for Anderson to display his writing without giving too much effort.

Dark World fails to mention the director in the body of the text, and says almost nothing about anyone else in the film. One can appreciate fine writing, but Anderson shows a disturbing lack of awareness as to what the general reader seeks to find in a review.    

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