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Gary Wolcott’s “Escape Plan” Bores With Dull, Uninspired Writing

In response to Gary Wolcott’s 266‑word review of Escape Plan on Tri-City Herald

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Gary Wolcott’s by-the-book review, “Escape Plan needs some humor to escape total boredom”, suffers from stale, unimaginative writing that will have you making a run for it.

This is the equivalent of those paint-by-numbers drawing for kids. Yes, if you follow the instructions, you’ll end up with something that approximates a drawing, but the final product will justifiably end up in the garbage can.

Here Wolcott has written by the numbers, successfully staying within the lines and coming out with a rough facsimile of a review, but there’s nothing of substance here; readers will find nary a morsel to sink their teeth into.  

Wolcott devotes two paragraphs to outlining the plot before slogging into his analysis.  He gives the film three stars out of five, an astonishingly positive score given the fact that he only has negative things to say about it.  

It feels like Wolcott is disinterested in his subject matter, apathetically going through the motions and readers will undoubtedly sense this as they trudge through the work. If you’re looking for a review that doesn’t cure sleep apnea, look elsewhere.

A word a warning for the spoiler conscious: Wolcott caps off his piece by quoting the last line of the movie which could wreck the film for some.     

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