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Bill Goodykoontz Wields a Baby Hammer of Critique in “3 Stars”

In response to Bill Goodykoontz’s 584‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Arizona Republic

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Ouch! What was that? Oh, it’s the Goodykoontz Baby Hammer of Critique.

The prickly feeling one may feel during the latest Bill Goodykoontz’s review, “Thor: The Dark World, 3 stars,” is just a little complaining from the critic. It should not be confused with thorough critique, so don’t be worried about it having a lasting impact.

The premise of 3 Stars is that Loki is awesome, Thor is good, and the film could have used more Loki. Goodykoontz does indeed describe the plot of the film, but his statements don’t reveal much about what he actually thought of the film as a whole. When he gets into whether or not the film makes scientific sense, and whether or not such concerns even matter, it’s clear that Goodykoontz has lost his way.

3 Stars isn’t mind-stimulating or even analytical, but consists of words and Loki-love. When Goodykoontz references Benedict Cumberbatch in the conclusion, one may be led to believe that the critic has a severe case of “The Lokis.” It’s a common affliction, but critics must remember to stay on point with their critique. Goodykoontz does not.

Bill Goodykoontz’s 3 Stars is far from Loki-intolerant, but lack a healthy amount of critique. This is one you can confidently skip.    

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