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Bill Gibron’s “‘Ender’s Game” Earns the Title of Movie Review Role-Model

In response to Bill Gibron’s 619‑word review of Ender’s Game on Film Racket

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Bill Gibron’s “‘Ender’s Game” starts off with a profound insight that immediately engages the reader in a creative journey. Gibron continues with exceptional style that never dulls and depth of analysis that never feels rushed.

Gibron employs even-toned writing and reasoning skills that propel his work far above movie review marginalization. Within today’s contemporary landscape where every movie review writer seems destined to obtain a publication spot, Gibron earns a trophy for following through with a creative voice rarely matched.

Gibron explains his opinions eloquently, with a self-confidence that doesn’t rely on the trap of using language to force it, precisely because his explanations are backed-up by compelling evidence. While reading the review, readers will also feel confident that they are dealing with an individual writer who communicates the sharing of ideas, as though they are walking in a literary field crafted by a classically trained painter of words.

Gibron’s Ender’s Game is smart and strategic, playing out until the end with a remarkably cohesive, practicable intellectualism of admirable proportions. Gibron stays true to the roots of movie review writing by consistently finding ways to make the reader happy, and he has definitely created an entertaining read designed and destined for a wide reading audience.    

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