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Charlotte O’Sullivan’s 10-Year-Old Gives His Review in “Boysy Blockbusters”

In response to Charlotte O'Sullivan’s 306‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on This is London

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Readers will be delighted to know that the 10-year-old kid Charlotte O’Sullivan brought to the screening with her to see the latest installment in the Hunger Games mega-franchise “loved Catching Fire” because he “had been told, by his mates, that the series was cool.”

Discerning what O’Sullivan thought of the film will be a tougher challenge. This little bit with the 10-year-old is about as critical as it gets in “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire—review: Proof flesh-and-blood females can win out over boysy blockbusters.”

To be fair, O’Sullivan more than earns her keep with one other probingly deep critique: “the first half of the film is a mess.” Why? Who knows. Don’t ask questions. Just take what you’re given.

O’Sullivan spends the rest of the review  rehashing plot details and heralding the character of Katniss Everdeen (and not necessarily Jennifer Lawrence’s performance) as somehow single handedly ushering in a new era of real female action heroes on her “gorgeously plump” shoulders.

Where is the analysis of the actors’ performances? What about the direction? How was the script? None of these questions seem to be on O’Sullivan’s mind, even though it’s her sole job to not only ask them, but answer them.  

Where’s that 10-year-old when you need him?   

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