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Ethan Alter’s “Wolf” Will Get Its Teeth in You and Never Let Go

In response to Ethan Alter’s 1049‑word review of The Wolf of Wall Street on Television Without Pity

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Ethan Alter, resident critic for Television Without Pity, gives his take on the new Martin Scorsese opus with his review “THE WOLF OF WALL STREET: NEVER CRY, WOLF,” and it’s a beaut.  

Thanks mostly to Alter’s masterfully engaging prose, NEVER CRY WOLF  grabs you from the get-go and doesn’t let up until the close. Just try not to be enthralled as Alter constructs gorgeously complex sentences in which to house his profound premises.  

Alter opens with a bit of comparative criticism that many critics have approached this film with, but here the critic bucks the trend and offers a different take as to why. The critique just gets better from there: DiCaprio “sustains a level of near-hysteria,” and the film, “powered by Scorsese’s propulsive camerawork, his longtime editor Thelma Schoonmaker’s rhythmic cutting and Winter’s incident-packed script,” is a “monument to the characters’ flair for excess.”

If there’s a zit on this angel, it’s the Alter spends a little too much time indulging in the particulars of Jordan Belfort’s (the guy, not the character) story. While it’s fascinating, in the context of a film review, it feels extraneous, especially when you consider how much space Alter devotes to it.  

Still, this is a veritable feast for the lover of film critique.    

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