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Kam Williams Describes a Movie Plot in “Gravity (2013)”

In response to Kam Williams’s 340‑word review of Gravity on

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Kam Williams delivers a bizarre and unoriginal piece of work with his latest offering to the mass public, “Gravity (2013).” Readers will be stunned by the lack of opinion and valuable information.

(2013) could have been improved with an opening statement, quote or funny anecdote. Instead, Williams awkwardly dives into the the plot. The tactic could be successful if the critic had only found a way to inject some humor, or perhaps a personal opinion on the film. The reader is left with a plot summary that can be found anywhere, and audiences will most likely be offended by the waste of time.

Williams shows a slight understanding of his audience in (2013) by acknowledging that he doesn’t want to spoil anything, however a complete lack of commentary on the director and two leads is rather offensive and mind-boggling. Sure, Alfonso Cuaron is mentioned once by name, but the critic fails to inform the reader about the visuals of the film, the techniques used by the director, or really anything of interest or substance. There is an equal absence of commentary on the leads, George Clooney and Sandra Bullock.

(2013) is incredibly boring, difficult to follow and void of any useful information to the reader. Everyone should avoid the review at all costs.    

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