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Tony Medley’s the Lieutenant of Digression in “Ender’s Game”

In response to Tony Medley’s 825‑word review of Ender’s Game on Tolucan Times

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Where other critics might be content to dully rate the actor’s performances, the pacing of the film, or the script, Tony Medley sees deeper.

In his review, “Ender’s Game (7/10),” Medley’s main beefs with the film are as follows: the actors look too old to play pre adolescents and the aliens don’t have hands.

On the first front, Medley goes into great biographical detail, giving readers each actor’s age at the time of shooting and the age of their corresponding character. This goes on for quite some time and Medley is clearly upset about it.

Not as upset, though, as he is about the aliens with no hands thing. This has stuck in his craw many a time before and Medley details several of those instances in his nearly 200 word rant on the subject.

If nothing else, the judges should give Medley points for critical originality. He needs those points because the rest of the review languishes in mediocrity.

The writing has no flow (especially with the massive pit stops described earlier) and has a tendency to ramble aimlessly, going on tangents which don’t serve the review (the book is and isn’t about the Iraq wars). The critiques of the film itself are fairly pedestrian and don’t add up to enough to make this one even worth a glance.    

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