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James Verniere’s “‘Wolf of Wall Street’” Rats Itself Out

In response to James Verniere’s 384‑word review of The Wolf of Wall Street on Boston Herald

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In short order, James Verniere completely blows the cover off the operation in his latest work “Watch greedy pack run rampant in ‘Wolf of Wall Street’”.

Brief but entertaining, this piece embodies the “live fast, die young” attitude of the topic it explores. It hits the audience as hard as a head-on collision, and immediately proceeds to fill their head with glamorous images of debauchery, materialism, and outrageous excess in a way that makes them not only endearing, but irresistible.  The reader will feel like Walter Mitty as they yearn to inhabit the world the author creates, regardless of how dangerous such a place may be.

Unfortunately, the journey comes with a price. The danger here is not in how enticingly the author portrays the subject matter, but in the amount of information he discloses in lieu of it. The reader will be so immersed in their literary stupor, they will unconsciously stumble upon information that upsets the apple cart. For in this very trite text is an unexpected quip about the ultimate fate of the protagonist, which completely defeats any inclination the reader may have to discover it for themselves. Without that element, the subject is as useless as a maxed-out credit card, and the author is at risk of losing his clients.  

A writer of this genre should know better than to reveal trade secrets so wantonly. It provides no benefit and can only damage Verniere’s credibility. Indeed, if he continues to take such action going forward, he might very well lose his job and the perks that come with it. And that would ultimately spoil the party for everyone.     

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