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Corey Hall’s “Film Review: Kick-Ass 2” Is a Poetic Plea for Non-Violence

In response to Corey Hall’s 477‑word review of Kick-Ass 2 on Metro Times (Detroit, MI)

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Corey Hall’s “Film Review: Kick-Ass 2” is a glowing example of a critic that the industry doesn’t deserve, but  one that it so desperately needs.

In an age of the celebration of “torrent[s] of blood” and “hail of bullets,” Mr. Hall stands alongside John Lennon and Jane Fonda in uncompromisingly stating that “extreme violence” simply does not jive with “outrageous comedy.” He reminds his audience that Jim Carrey himself disavowed the film’s atrocities  which apparently include “shooting, gouging, animal attacks,” and  “a few decapitations.”

Hall’s firm peace-advocacy does not prevent him from delivering a meaningful analysis of the film.  A brief overview of the characters and some context regarding how this film fits into the previous installment are welcome offerings, and do nothing to spoil any key plot points.

The writing style is magnificent, very little short of poetry. The word choice, sentence structure, and phrasal cadence all exceed expectations, and excerpts from this text could very well appear in AP English classrooms nationwide.

Showing a degree of even-handedness, Hall describes what he believes are the highlights, shining moments, and praiseworthy messages of the film, but warns that these will be “drowned out” by the “excessive carnage.”

Hall’s pacific sensitivities may be unappealing to bloodthirsty readers who relish wanton and gratuitous violence, but notwithstanding the potential for disagreements  Hall stands his ground, and makes his case unflinchingly.

This manifesto of non-violence may be on its way to the timelessness of similar peace accords of the ages.  Until then, it would not be premature to frame this piece alongside your collector’s edition of the Treaty of Versailles.    

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