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Eric D. Snider’s “Review: ‘Escape Plan’” Is Popcorn-Scarfing Fun

In response to Eric D. Snider’s 720‑word review of Escape Plan on GeekNation

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Eric D. Snider’s “Review: ‘Escape Plan’ is Almost the Stallone and Schwarzenegger Movie You Were Hoping For” succeeds where many action movie reviews have failed by being as fun to read as the movies themselves (hopefully) are to watch. Snider isn’t just going through the motions of hitting all the items on his movie review checklist; he’s also bringing a sense of the movie’s atmosphere to his review by mirroring its entertainment factor.

And entertaining it is. Snider brings some levity to his review by imagining a prison designed by the Devil. It’s not exactly a plot point from the film, but as an aside it elicits a few chuckles. He also pokes gentle fun at the movie’s sillier elements, including the seeming inessentialness of some of its characters.

At the same time, though, he points out what works about the film.  In this case, that amounts to how fun it is to watch and how charismatic the lead stars are. In doing so, Snider demonstrates that he knows what makes an action movie work even if it is not exactly art house cinema.

Review: ‘Escape Plan‘ does a service to its subject by not forgetting to be fun. At the same time, Snider does not forget to be informative, either. He does not give the film’s shortcomings a free pass, but he does explain why they probably won’t matter.    

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