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Sara Stewart’s “‘Ender’s Game’” Is a Clumsy Chat

In response to Sara Stewart’s 659‑word review of Ender’s Game on New York Post

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Sara Stewart’s “‘Ender’s Game’ portrays a dark, video-gaming teen dystopia” is a nonchalant read that nearly misses engaging the reader enough to pass diminutive muster.

Stewart explains key elements of the movie and delves into the dynamics of the main character quite well. Her newfangled writing style, however, leaves much to be desired as she uses grammatically incorrect words alongside extremely pretentious words. Stewart apparently wants the reader to feel this is a private conversation between best buds, going all-out on personable, slapstick language that fades into a pantheon of iffiness.

Portrays a Dark is less like a movie review and more like a first year college English writing assignment, where students such as Stewart must be repeatedly instructed on how to correctly use commas and put punctuation inside quotation marks. Stewart also has a penchant for summoning weak adverbs, as though her ability to make a strong point got murdered by a hipster utterly devoid of solid opinion.

While Stewart loses her way a bit, she almost makes up for it with a meaty insight near the very end of the review. Unfortunately, like a misplaced comma, said meat is likely to get stuck between the teeth of any reader with a modicum of awareness.    

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