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Rob Carnevale’s “Escape Plan” Doesn’t Live Up to Its Premise

In response to Rob Carnevale’s 222‑word review of Escape Plan on The List

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Slacking on the effort of explanation, Rob Carnevale’s “Escape Plan” simply doesn’t offer support for its strong premise, leading audiences to wonder what went wrong.

For a tight review, Carnevale’s Escape Plan doesn’t toss words away. What it tosses away is support, leading to a shoddy conclusion and a frustratingly lax analysis that leaves readers in the uncomfortable position of having to pour trust into a bucket full of holes.

Exposition here is extraordinarily to-the-point, offering Carnevale’s audience a refreshingly spoiler-free approach to the art form. The outline serves as a sturdy framework. The bones, however, are bereft of flesh or muscle.

The reader is left to her own devices. What can be made of the scant details provided by the work is the reader’s project, and as much as that might deliver in a more substantial piece, here the audience is left floundering in wave after wave of ambiguity.

Carnevale’s Escape Plan yearns for something “more intelligent” but offers precious little in support of the thesis. There is very little to attach an emotional response to—only the bare opinion of one who cannot afford to bolster his feeble words and unrealized characters to an undoubtedly solid foundation.

A noble effort from Carnevale unfortunately delivers far less than its promise. 200-some words of fluff can’t rescue Escape Plan from a disaster.    

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