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“A Visual Treat” by Mathew DeKinder Is Consistent and Coy

In response to Mathew DeKinder’s 627‑word review of Gravity on Suburban Journals of St. Louis

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Mathew DeKinder satisfies with a respectable effort in “Review: Gravity a visual treat that’s not to be missed”. Although the work is not a powerhouse performance, readers will feel enlightened and thankful.

A visual treat may turn some away with the tiny visual at the beginning. Despite the poor image quality, a stylish red toolbar balances things out, and most will be able to move on and enjoy the piece.

DeKinder takes his time in a visual treat, and makes sure that his poetic words are understood by his doting readers, but also gives them appropriate space to reflect.

The structure of a visual treat is noteworthy as the critic offers equal time to the director and cast, and provides intriguing backstories that detail the long process of making the film.

Overall, a visual treat offers outstanding insight on the visuals of the film and the sci-fi genre, however Dekinder appears to be keen on maintaining the same structure for each paragraph, without truly moving beyond the norms and offering the reader deep material that can transform the review from good to great.

visual treat is indeed a fine piece of work, however DeKinder’s work could be more entertaining with the occasional lengthy paragraph or larger picture. Despite it’s healthy word count, the whole thing feels too small.    

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