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Matthew Pejkovic’s “THE COUNSELOR (2013)” a Breath of Fresh Stale Air

In response to Matthew Pejkovic’s 710‑word review of The Counselor on Matt's Movie Reviews

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It’s refreshing when an author not only loves his source material, but his job as well. Author Matthew Pejkovic clearly has a talent for influencing opinion, as most readers will no doubt see when reading his latest work, “THE COUNSELOR (2013)”. It is engaging from top to bottom, never wavering in its appeal or its purpose. Upon completion, the reader will undoubtedly find themselves enlightened as well as entertained.

The author weaves a brilliant tapestry of anecdotes and undertones in the process of illustrating the subject matter. The vividness of his descriptions are matched only by the conciseness of his points and their supporting arguments. The result is a beautiful work of art worth admiring long after the final passage is read.

Only two minor issues negatively impact this work: favoritism and disclosure. In expressing his enthusiasm, Pejkovic tends to elaborate on his points by drawing parallels to his own life. Thus, instead of merely supporting the premise, he ends up conveying a biased appreciation for it that says more about his personal beliefs than the topic in question. That, in turn, fuels his second misstep.

Pejkovic relays far more information than necessary, much less wanted. A writer has a certain responsibility to report the facts in a case like this, but when that writer possesses personal attachment to their topic, they tend to disclose too much. Such is the case here. By doing so, he formalizes visuals in the reader’s head that are better left to the imagination.

Those qualms aside, this is indeed a fine work from a gifted author that should delight enough to render any trivial quirks moot.    

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