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Louis Black’s “Escape Plan” Will Upset Those Who Actually Critique

In response to Louis Black’s 295‑word review of Escape Plan on Austin Chronicle

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Readers will be floored by the dull and uninspired work that is Louis Black’s “Escape Plan.” What is the point of a review that essentially offers nothing for the reader? What makes this “review” different than an opinion from man on the street?

Black’s Escape Plan lacks a clear argument in the title and the whole body of the review. Black’s work could have been improved with some sort of opinion at the beginning, but he dives right into plot summary. The writing is boring and completely forgettable.

Once the “analysis” begins, Black offers the reader this statement: “The film is eventful and full of suspense, but also obvious and completely contrived.” One will likely already be aware that an action film will be eventful and suspenseful, so what else is there to think about? Sadly, the review ends before Black says anything meaningful.

Just when you thought the critic was going to stay away from 80s cliches, Black informs the readers that the roles “were better suited to both a few decades back.” With those words—Black offers his commentary on Sylverster Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger. The critic does have a bit more to say as he compares Jim Caviezel’s role to that on “Person of Interest.” It’s nowhere near enough to redeem this complete waste of time.    

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