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Bob Grimm’s “Failed Franchise”

In response to Bob Grimm’s 832‑word review of Kick-Ass 2 on Tucson Weekly

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Bob Grimm finds a sarcastically accurate tone to reach his readers with in “Failed Franchise: Due to a terrible script, Kick-Ass 2 lacks the creative spark of its predecessor.” Grimm is witty and formulates a very relevant correlation between his own experience years previous with a sequel to Ghostbusters in comparison to the Kick-Ass franchise.

Even though the comparison is extremely drawn out, fluffy to a fault, and a case of extreme over-sharing of material fit only for a diary entry, the point made was worth sticking it through.

With the conclusion of Grimm’s flashback, the reader then is thrown into a pool of swirling sarcastic sideswipes at the film. This reviewer seems to understand the cinematic concepts intimately, referring back frequently not only to the previous movie, but the graphic novel genre in which it emerged.

He is poisonous in his word choice and often made me cringe (the effect he undoubtedly wanted) with references that mimicked his own rather awkward feelings while watching this film.

He finishes his review by showing his research into the lives of the actors, using their negative reaction to the film as another mold to fit his own agenda. The review as a whole is a little heavy handed with a stiff and obvious opinion for his readers, but it is honest and often funny. If you can make it past the overly personal territory, you will be in for an entertainingly opinionated review.       

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