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Jordan Hoffman’s “Ender’s Game Review” Challenges the Concept of Critique

In response to Jordan Hoffman’s 567‑word review of Ender’s Game on ScreenCrush

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Seriously, Jordan Hoffman? The latest work of the critic, “‘Ender’s Game’ Review” is an offensive attempt at critique, and barely more than a five-minute iPhone description that could be accomplished by absolutely anyone. What is happening to the concept of critique?

Game’ Review is “game over” when it comes to effort. The entirety of the review consists of Hoffman describing the film over six cutesy paragraphs until he feels obliged to offer up some analysis. You know… critique the film? What separates Hoffman’s work from anybody else?

What does one learn from Hoffman’s Game’ Review? The lead performance is “extraordinary.” The critic’s lone word will surely touch all those modern critics (and past critics) who show an actual commitment to the audience. The final paragraph is incredibly vague and frustrating, which may lead one to believe that Hoffman fell asleep during the film. The audience will gasp at the unbelievably cryptic statements of Hoffman once he actually decides to put in some effort. The critic’s writing is highly suspicious.

Game’ Review is far from acceptable. What is the purpose of the review? What does this review do to improve the modern state of critique? The answers are too depressing to fully include here, suffice it to say, you can afford to miss this one.    

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