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Robert Roten’s “Laramie Movie Scope: Gravity” Needs to Get Organizized

In response to Robert Roten’s 614‑word review of Gravity on Laramie Movie Scope

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Robert Roten offers a substantial amount of words in his latest, “Laramie Movie Scope: Gravity,” but essentially conveys the same ideas over and over.

Visually, Gravity Scope could be improved in a major way. One doesn’t need to have razzle dazzle to deliver a successful review, but Roten’s individual works could be bolstered by the appearance of even one picture.

Roten opens Gravity Scope with a personal tale of scheduling conflicts, and delivers a decent statement on the visuals of the film. While the opinion of the critic will be appreciated by the fans, some may argue that the technical truths take a back seat to the experience.  

The main points of Gravity Scope briefly examine the performance of Sandra Bullock, and the technicalities of space.  The critic never mentions director Alfonso Cuaron by name, which speaks volumes.

Roten’s performance in Gravity Scope is rather boring and doesn’t offer the reader anything new to think about as far as the actual film is concerned.

Gravity Scope comes across as an observation, whereas one will be looking for a clear analysis of the material. Roten shifts from thoughts on space inaccuracies to Bullock, and repeats himself throughout.

Gravity Scope should be avoided because there is nothing to find or enjoy.    

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