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Daniel Kimmel’s “Review—Prisoners” Is a Feisty Thriller

In response to Daniel M. Kimmel’s 545‑word review of Prisoners on New England Movies Weekly

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If you’re hoping for a feel-good puff piece, Daniel Kimmel’s “Review—Prisoners” is not the review for you. Kimmel bursts out of the gate with a loud condemnation of his subject matter. Although his ire is relentless and a bit overwhelming, Kimmel supports his position with accessible analysis and flawless grammar.

The first act progresses like so many reviews before it. Kimmel name drops the big actors and then rattles off some bland plot setup. But just when you think you’re in for another run of the mill blockbuster, Kimmel kicks the analysis into high gear.

Kimmel’s dissatisfaction with the film is clear from the opening sentence. Unlike lesser critics, Kimmel seamlessly weaves this narrative thread through his entire review as he dissects the film’s shortcomings. No stone is left unturned as Kimmel sets his sight on the acting, directing and writing and hits these targets head on. Kimmel’s command of the English language is also praise-worthy.

The piece clocks in at an efficient 545 words and even includes some witty word play for the audience to digest.  

There are no good reasons not to read Kimmel’s review. It is concise, intelligent and brutally honest. If only more reviews could be so bold.     

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