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Eric Melin Is a Jack of All Trades in “DARK WORLD’ MOVIE REVIEW”

In response to Eric Melin’s 531‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on

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It’s a two for one deal with Eric Melin’s “‘THOR: THE DARK WORLD’ MOVIE REVIEW.” The review starts off with a just underneath three minute video in which Melin holds his own charmingly against two news anchors with whom he discusses the film. This is followed up by a written review which reiterates while elaborating the points Melin made on screen. Think of it as a director’s cut.

There’s a whole lot to like here. Melin is a master at context and he quickly establishes Thor: The Dark World‘s place in the world of cinema in a clear enough way that even the uninitiated will understand. His rapport on screen is a delight to watch, but the real pleasure in MOVIE REVIEW comes in reading the thoughts Melin wasn’t able to share in his short screen time. His writing is fast, confident, often funny, and always enjoyable.

The highlight of the review comes in the form of an extended comparison of the film to The Lord Of The Rings. The final payoff is laugh out loud funny as Melin’s ability to synthesize his movie knowledge is on full, glorious display.

By outlining the good and the bad of the film, Melin gives his readers an excellent picture of what to expect. His ability to shift gears from the positive to the negative, and his knack for balancing the two, is exceedingly rare.

Like the Marvel films, it’s worth sticking the video out to the very end where an unexpected conclusion feels almost like a bonus scene. Hint: it involves the work of Alfonso Cuaron.    

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