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Bob Bloom Keeps It by the Book in “Great ‘Escape’”

In response to Bob Bloom’s 304‑word review of Escape Plan on Journal and Courier (Lafayette, IN)

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Bob Bloom’s “Stallone, Schwarzenegger make a great ‘Escape’” is not the type of film journalism that will make you go home and rethink your life, but it’s agreeable enough to warrant a cursory read.

Great Escape feels a bit like fishing with your Grandpa when you were a kid; it might be a little boring at times, but it’s not altogether unpleasant.

Bloom’s criticism here is pretty scant. He devotes a lot of space to it, but doesn’t manage to say much of consequence and doesn’t say it very creatively, sticking to well worn and superficial arguments.

Bloom spends entirely too much time discussing the age of the two leads, harping on it (count ‘em) five times. His take is that “their refusal to recognize the limitations and ravages of age should be applauded” and “their enjoyment, even in such a cheesy production, is contagious”, and makes this “pure escapism”. These are all pertinent points, but they’re obvious. They’ve been done before and the writing here isn’t clever enough to set Bloom’s work apart from the rest of the pack.  

If this is the only Escape Plan review you read, it’ll give you the bare essentials, but it falls short of the inspirational heights the genre is capable of.    

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