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Todd Gilchrist’s “Better Than Original” Begs for an End

In response to Todd Gilchrist’s 1125‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on GeekNation

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Todd Gilchrist’s latest work, entitled “Review: ‘Thor: The Dark World’ is Better Than the Original, But Hopelessly Derivative,” is a mouthful.

In Gilchrist’s Better Than Original readers delve straight into the inner thoughts of this reviewer. Readers are able to not only revive massive amounts of summary, but get to wade further and further into the opinionated waters of this review until they are consumed by it.

Better Than Original is unnecessarily extended. At points, readers may believe that the review is ending, points begin to be concluded and thoughts wrapping into a cohesive arc. A picture from the film is even inserted with a false pretense that the review will end. And then, like a blow to the chest from Thor’s hammer, readers are knocked back into their seats for another round of cinematic critiques.

The writing is nothing to complain about. There are few grammatical errors and the overall style of writing is professional and sound.

With the length of this review, Gilchrist runs the risk of giving away too much information for readers that only want a general plot summary. This review is detailed about the plot, and yet still preserves the integrity of the surprise.

A review rich in length and a mouthful of opinion.    

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