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Mark Dinning’s “The World’s End: A Pint…” Review Refuses to Make Sense

In response to Mark Dinning’s 857‑word review of The World's End on Empire Magazine

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Mark Dinning’s “The World’s End: A pint of Cornetto if you please, Mr. Landlord” is problematic in a number of ways. Dinning goes back and forth with his opinion on whether the movie is fantastically amazing, problematic, or a dud.

The review contains an awesome 2. 25 minute trailer, but that doesn’t make up for Dinning’s ambiguity. He divulges into never-never land by paragraph four of the review, where he unwittingly tries to explain why The World’s End is a good one to watch in comparison to other films out in the Summer of 2013.

Such comparisons are moot past this date, making the review both disposable and on the verge of expiration. The review also gives highlights, seemingly in the guise of not being spoilers, but the guise fails miserably by revealing far too much about specific scenes movie watchers want to see first on the screen, not in the reviewer’s post-imaginary language.

Dinning devolves further into character interplays that are extremely subjective and unconvincing. While the review has a few excellent turns of phrases and a few good insights, it also has glaring grammar issues, including extremely muddled sentences and terrible syntax errors that make it intolerable at points.

In the end, Dinning claims that The World’s End is a satisfying film, but this complacent Empire Magazine editor delivers anything but a satisfactory review: it’s like reading a review riddled with dementia that explains little and makes sense even less.    

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