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Christopher Orr’s “Thor” Review Full of Lightweight Charm

In response to Christopher Orr’s 860‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on The Atlantic

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“Lightweight charm” may well characterize Christopher Orr’s own sprightly jaunt in “The Lightweight Charm of Thor: The Dark World” which manages to balance contradictions in terms. It’s all at once lengthy and brisk, analytical and amusing, offering readers a substantive but none-too-serious cine-critique.

Orr’s voice has long been a key to his particular brand of storytelling; fans of the critic (who has some 230 reviews under his belt) will feel very comfortable navigating the work.  Lightweight Charm begins with a voice-over from the critic himself, asking his readers a question he spends the rest of the piece answering.

What ensues is a really solid critical analysis penned in character study, plot recap, and comparative scrutiny with grin-inducing breezy asides peppered throughout.

Where Lightweight Charm has ample opportunity to condescend or become dismissive, it does so with an “all in good fun” type attitude, a refreshing departure from some of the ersatz criticism - scabrous cynicism in nearly any other context—polluting the film sites and fishwrappers.

Lightweight Charm concludes like a dessert closes a meal: it’s sweet and rich, applauding the virtues of a film that works in spite of itself (although he conspicuously stops short of using the word “success”).

Orr’s work, though, is indeed a success, and one of the longer-form reviews audiences this year will rightly find themselves drawn to.    

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