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Michael Dequina’s “Catching Fire” Leads to Visions of Dequina Hologram

In response to Michael Dequina’s 679‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on

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Michael Dequina would be a fantastic character in the final two films of The Hunger Games franchise. His review, “The Hunger Hames: Catching Fire” won’t be regarded as one of the most powerful reviews, however the critic’s dazzling keystroke effectively communicates his points. Dequina is perfect for a character in Hunger Games who shows up briefly, says something profound and drifts off into the sunset.

Some readers may be intimidated by the monster opening paragraph in Catching Fire.  It almost has a life of its own, and the writing sizzles with radiant summary and context. Heart rates will rise, and readers may imagine a fiery hologram of the critic giggling with glee.

Dequina offers plenty to ponder in the second paragraph of Catching Fire. The musings on the energy of the film are delivered with fantastic references, and the critic takes precious time to acknowledge the directing prowess of Francis Lawrence. The icing on the cake of the big boy middle section comes in the form of thoughts on the supporting players, and it’s delightfully delicious.

Where is the Katniss and J-Law? Don’t fret, reader. Dequina brings the goods in the final paragraph of Catching Fire, and his insight on the lead performance is heavy. The critic reflects on the trials and tribulations of love, and concludes with a fantastic combo deluxe of insight featuring the supreme power of Francis and Jennifer Lawrence. Dequina’s prose is soothing, and Twitter will undoubtedly blow up due to the careful crafting of the critic.

Catching Fire is a powerful piece of art, and Michael Dequina could potentially earn a group of crazy fans called “The DQ Crazies.”   

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