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Reading Justin Craig’s “Flick Falls Short” Might Give You Whiplash

In response to Justin Craig’s 731‑word review of Out of the Furnace on

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Justin Craig’s “‘Out of the Furnace review: Bale, Affleck, and Harrelson shine but flick falls short” is one of those reviews where the style and content seem to suggest one thing, but the ultimate resolution takes you in a different direction.

This review’s title makes things pretty clear, so it’s no spoiler to say that, while there are things he likes about the film, overall this critic did not like it. If that sounds disconcerting, well that’s a good word to use in describing this review.

Let’s see: he seems to like the  themes of the movie, and he likes the performances. He has especially good things to say about the actors playing the three leads, calling their performances “transformative” and “extraordinary.” He likes the way relationships are explored, and he has positive comments for the film’s use of setting and for the way certain scenes play out. He even feels the need to defend the way one particular real-life town is depicted, which comes as off as quaint and rather amusing.

But early in the piece, he  does accuse the film of turning into “a run-of-the-mill remorseless revenge flick.” Run-of-the-mill, even though later he admits that even this part of the film is well done.

This is one of those good-parts-do-not-make-a complete-whole reviews, which is a tough argument to make, especially since he does not really have anything bad to say about the movie. Perhaps a better description of what he thinks a run-of-the-mill revenge flick is would have helped. But, as is, reading Flick Falls Short might give you whiplash.    

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