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A. O. Scott’s “Be a Winner” Transports Readers to New Lands

In response to A.O. Scott’s 1356‑word review of Nebraska on New York Times

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Hop aboard the S. S. Scott and let the steam of his cinematic ship carry your soul to a new land of review greatness. Spoiler: Springsteen and Sturges also sail on A. O. Scott’s vessel.

The critic’s peaceful composition, “You May Already Be a Winner. Or not. ,” is powered by exquisite writing, well-placed references and a sense of storytelling that is reminiscent of the ancient Greeks. One may feel dizzy while on board the SS Scott, but only momentarily, as the great Scott sets sail on a peaceful and meditative journey.

Be A Winner builds slowly and the feeling is outstanding. Scott makes a correlation with a great Bruce Springsteen album, and proceeds to deliver a heartfelt tale about the meanness of the world. One may be curious if there is a secret artist’s club that Scott is a part of, and if so, does your last name have to start with S?

Alexander Payne’s direction is covered with deep reflections on past physical knockouts, and the critic does a fine job of communicating the nostalgia aspect to the reader. A beautiful sentence on the “melodramatic rage” of the Great Plains could make one cry for different reasons, but one can certainly feel the passion of Scott.

The writing of Be A Winner is so awe inspiring in the opening paragraphs that one be a bit disappointed by the middle section. The plot summary is well beyond the norm, and perhaps reveals too much, but the phenomenal writing skills of Scott make it all worthwhile. The character analysis of the leads is sublime, and the critic surprises with a sharp observation on one of the supporting players. By the conclusion, Scott shows his poetic prowess and finishes off the piece with style and hard-hitting words.

A. O. Scott’s Be A Winner is an exceptional composition that hits all the right spots at all the right moments. Fantastic.    

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