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Marc Mohan’s “‘Wolf of Wall Street’…” Priceless Advice

In response to Marc Mohan’s 867‑word review of The Wolf of Wall Street on Oregonian

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“‘Wolf of Wall Street’ review: Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese hit their marks in tale of Wall Street double-dealing”, the latest offering my author Marc Mohan, is worth more than its weight in gold.  

Life lessons intersperse this rich and pivotal diatribe. Mr. Mohan could easily be a philosopher if this writing thing doesn’t work out. But that probably won’t be a concern, should he continue to create gems like this. For he manages to combine both skill sets masterfully, creating a piece that is not only entertaining and comprehensively analytical, but loaded with empathy. The reader will take to the author as if he was an old friend from the warm and clever demeanor he exudes. It’s as irresistible as the love of a soul-mate, without the heartbreak. Once he lures them in, he stimulates their deepest yearnings and releases the wellsprings of their imaginations that, when combined with the narration, provide a reading experience like no other—one that is sure to be as memorable as it is enlightening.  There are references to other subjects similar in tone to the inspiration for this piece.  

And usually those references need to be made with great care, least they pull attention away from the task at hand. But in this case, the author uses it in such a way that it is entirely appropriate, even necessary, to properly convey the message in the assessment he is delivering. And they are identifiable enough that the reader should get the analogy instantly, with no need to pause and research the relevancy.

The higher the risk, the greater the reward, or at least such is true here. With “‘Wolf of Wall Street‘…”, Mohan has given the reader a reward that is more valuable than anything money can buy.     

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