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“Space Thrill Ride” by Clint O’Connor Offers a Beefy Title, Not Much Else

In response to Clint O'Connor’s 423‑word review of Gravity on Cleveland Plain Dealer

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Clint O’Connor’s latest work, “Gravity: Outer space thrill ride with Sandra Bullock and George Clooney is a visual wonder (review),” has only one highlight, its phenomenal title.

Space Thrill Ride is visually enticing, and well written, however the critic devastates with a complete lack of analysis. Sandra Bullock is noted fifty-five words in, however O’Connor fails to mention the actress beyond that point.  Bullock is noted briefly but only in what appears to be a heading that was meant for the top of the review. The placement is awkward and confusing.

Space Thrill Ride communicates the essentials to the reader, but one shouldn’t expect a detailed analysis on the work of director Alfonso Cuaron or the cast.

The words of O’Connor move softly, much like a lost astronaut in space, however there is a major amount of oxygen loss in Space Thrill Ride, and one will find that time is running out.

By the end, Space Thrill Ride proves somewhat useful as the critic offers up a sermon on 3D, however it is an argument that has been heard many times. Clint O’Connor shows potential, but fails to identify the existence of a whole new review world out there. Somewhere.    

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