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Stefan Pape’s “The World’s End Review” Misses the Point and Misses Its Mark

In response to Stefan Pape’s 749‑word review of The World's End on HeyUGuys

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Stefan Pape’s “The World’s End Review” has an axe to grind, and with tools this blunt its easy to see why. It is a sloppy, unfocused affair that is antagonistic toward its subject without providing compelling reason for being so.

Pape avoids the pitfalls of most reviews of The World’s End by not spoiling key plot points. For anyone looking to go into the movie with as little foreknowledge as possible, that’s a big plus. However, that’s about the only good thing that can be said about his review.

There is a heavy dose of contradiction in Pape’s criticism, as he says in one paragraph that The World’s End lacks ingenuity and then in the next paragraph bemoans the fact that the characters are substantially different from the characters the main actors played in the previous two films in the trilogy.

Apparently Pape wants the filmmakers to be ingenious without straying from their established formula. He might do well to try and eat his own dog food, then he may have more empathy towards his subject matter.

He goes on to point out all the positive qualities of the movie, from its humor to its choreography and even its selection of songs for the soundtrack, but concludes the review by stating that he was underwhelmed. Why? It is never really made clear amongst all this muddled mess of text. If you are a fan of thoughtful, compelling reviews, stay far away from Pape’s “The World’s End Review.”   

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