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The King Returns in “The Hobbit: …” by Richard Roeper

In response to Richard Roeper’s video review of The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug on Richard

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Richard Roeper’s “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug”  is a fluid, well-stated, all encompassing synopsis of the source material that grabs the reader instantly and never lets them go until the final syllable is uttered.  

Mr. Roeper is extremely convincing. He could motivate one to steal treasure from a dragon. Fortunately, his task is much simpler and significantly less dangerous here. But his oratorical skills shine no less brilliantly in the wake of it. His enthusiasm about the subject is palpable and contagious. He whips up an adventure of epic proportions as he vividly details his premise, embellishes on plot details and portrays the supporting elements in a way that makes them very likable… even the darker ones. He transitions through all of this with the artful proficiency and persuasive charisma of one who’s clearly mastered their craft. What results is a vivid, realistic and completely entertaining and inspiring piece that is sure to delight readers and stoke the fires of their imaginations.

What really sets Roeper apart from his peers is his ability to embellish his assessment, and yet remain perfectly concise in his delivery. His unique wit pervades this work so deeply, one doubts any one but him could provide just narration. For its not one specific attribute: phrasing, organization, or even tone, but the personality behind the voice that makes his work shine.  

Truly a giant in his field, Roeper clearly proves his might one again. He delivers a synopsis that is sure to please his fans and earn new ones in the process.     

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