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Walter v Addiego’s “Eye-Popping” Covers Basics Except Lead Performance

In response to Walter V. Addiego’s 522‑word review of Ender’s Game on San Francisco Chronicle

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One of the key aspects of a solid movie review is a focus on the lead performance, however Walter V. Addiego’s strays from this concept in the average “Ender’s Game review: Hefty, eye-popping sic-fi.” It won’t come as a surprise to be in a coffee shop somewhere and hear someone scream out “Oh, no you didn’t, Addiego!” That’s what happens when you ignore the lead actor. Devastation.

Eye-Popping is not quite a brain sizzler, but Addiego at least tries hard enough to offer up the basics to the reader. It’s mainly a movie review, in the sense that the critic focuses more on describing the film than loading it up with deep critique.

Addiego summarizes the plot over the course of several paragraphs, even squeezing in a Harry Potter reference which will send Young Adult nerds into a spectacular spiral of excitement. The critic recognizes that it’s not safe to inject too many YA references in a review, and one can only imagine the violent nerdgasms if Katniss made an appearance.

There is not much brain food for one to enjoy in Eye-Popping, and the final paragraphs only acknowledge that other actors are in the film without properly analyzing their importance. The complete absence of any thought on the lead performance of Asa Butterfield is highly troubling.

Addiego closes out Eye-Popping with a sound paragraph on the director Gavin Hood, but ultimately the work is merely an appetizer in a world of belly-buster critiques.    

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