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Matt Pais Steps Up His Game in “Cold Justice”

In response to Matt Pais’s 351‑word review of Out of the Furnace on RedEye,0,7576808.column

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Matt Pais has stepped up his game with the brief but entertaining “Out of the Furnace Review: Great acting, cold  justice.” The critic has toned-down the bonkers pop culture references, and displays a dedication to film criticism with a structurally sound review.

Cold Justice kicks off by offering an entertaining video for one to enjoy. Pais should be commended  not only for offering the written word to his fans, but also for a fun video review.

As far as the written critique of Cold Justice, Pais begins the piece on a hilarious note about the power of a neck tattoo and the creativity of one who bears such fancy artwork. After a tiny bit of plot summary, the critic transitions to a commentary on director Scott Cooper that is powerful if not especially lengthy.

Pais maintains focus in Cold Justice by giving the readers a sense of the atmosphere in which the lead characters live, however he then produces a small paragraph in which three other films are referenced. There is value in the writing, but it would be nice to see Pais focus even more and expand on the themes and performances.

The critic closes out Cold Justice in classy fashion, and  does get an excellent job overall by dedicating himself to the film and not trying to be too cutesy with the writing.

Cold Justice is a nice surprise given the poor quality of some the critic’s past works. Pais shows potential especially if he can produce some lengthier works in the future.    

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