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Neil Pond Is the Aging Comic in “Hammer Time”

In response to Neil Pond’s 547‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on American Profile

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Neil Pond’s “It’s Hammer Time… Again,” has to be one the most vague reviews available to the public. Gone are the days when a sub-par review could at least deliver relevant humor. Pond has managed to say nothing of importance about the film, but proves that he can sure rhyme a word or two with “Thor.”

The introduction of Hammer Time begins with… a “hammer time” pun. One can appreciate the effort, but the material is that of an aging comic. After five paragraphs of description, Pond finally gets to his point on Marvel promotion in that “Thor just seem to be more.” The following paragraphs are more of the same bore.

If the basis of the argument in Hammer Time is to prove why the film is merely a marketing plan, then it would do Pond some good to critique the film, or at least offer anything that might resemble analysis. The critic describes what takes place in the film, but offers troubling lines such as “The characters are the same as be-Thor… I mean before.”

The critic names off actors like it’s a roll call. Unfortunately, this teacher takes the day off and abandons the characters and his readers. One will find humor in the absence of original thought, but the biggest Thor fans may say “Oh, no he didn’t.” The complete lack of detail on the actual film is mind-boggling. Pond can’t even provide a decent summary.

Hammer Time shows little commitment to critique, and one can almost see the “I’ll be clever” lightbulb flashing above Pond’s head.    

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